Product management


Seminar 1: Introduction, description of tasks and content. Homework: Description of paper tasks and process of group creation. Students expectations and tasks.

Seminar 2: Team roles and work plan preparation.

Content: Belbins team roles and Gantt diagram

Seminar 3: Choice of paper ideas 

Content: Student prepare 60 second presentation of their idea for project content in form similar to product concet (see handout). Beside that they prepare A4 sheet of paper signed and with presentation of the idea. Using the brainstorm evaluation best concept (by 40 students 10) will be selected and their creator will became team leader (and get plus points for activitiy) .   

Seminar 4: Creation of teams 

Content: Students who were not succesfull with their product concept will prepare short 60 second personal presentation with their experience of teamwork, i..e team roles according Belbin, incentives for project participation and wishes. Team leader will on the base of presentation select their teams (amount of 3-5 Persons)  

Seminar 5: Analysis of market and market portfolio data. 

Content: On the base of selected information about market situation and market analysis. Task are presented here, data will be available at seminar. 

Seminar 6: Use of instruments for market and portfolio analysis. 

Content: Examples of case

Seminar 7: Competition and coopetition in the business 

Content: Case study about relation between company Microsoft and Apple. On the base of the case study, prepare answer to given questions and tasks

Seminar 8: Product situation analysis - information about project progress   

Content: Presentation of new product proposal and group presentation. 

Seminar 9: Consumer behaviour and adaption of marketing segment for target market 

Content: Target segment requirements and its adaption by product strategy

Seminar 10: Product branding. Content: Creation of brandname and brand strategy by different products

Seminar 11: Product in advertising campaign Content: Different forms of product communication, decision about product advertising and sales promotion, use of public relation for product. Presentation of case study (Kofola), example of social advertising

Seminar 12: Economic aspect of product related decision Content: Case study at internet, answer question and make suggestion to alternatives proposed by the employers.

Seminar 13: Presentation of semester paper,

Content: Presentation of semester paper