Product design

Course for Student of Marketing and Trade Management 

Condition and requirements

A Participation and activity at seminars     20 b.

B Exit trial tests                                           20b.

C Partial task and homeworks presentation 3x 20 p.

D Extra points for extra activity

Time schedule 

- included presentation

Week 1: Information about program subject

Week 2: Product design and its role in society Source:

Week 2: Product design basics 

Week 3: Product design principles 

Week 4: Product design elements 

Week 5: Product design development and process 

Week 6: Topic by Mrs. Jarossova

Week 7: Visit to Slovak design centre and design museum

Week 8: Topic by Mrs. Jarossova

Week 9: Topic by Mrs. Jarossova

Week 10: 

Week 11: Creativity industry and specific aspect of design in specific industries

Week 12: Future trends in product design - Cases in product design

Week 13: Closure and evaluation of course content, final written test