Product and Quality

Conceptual Goods

Lecture 1: Goods as subject of scientific interest.

Knowledge of goods, history of commodity science, content of commodity science, links to other sciences, content of study, basic definitions

Lecture 2: Products and their description. Product benefits and attributes.

Product quality, definitions and terms, product requirements, product utility and benefits, product utility function

Lecture 3: Product parameters and their quantification.

Product attributes and parameters, objective requirements of Product, Product attributes hierarchy, Product design Description, Metrology and measurement of attributes.

Lecture 4: Product classification

Product definition, Product and goods, basic typology of product in marketing, Product core and its role, systems of product classification, used and common classifications, SITC, HS, CN etc.

Production good

Lecture 5: Product design and development

Product design, environmental impacts on product, definition and damage risk, Protection of goods, packaging, role and instrument

Lecture 6: Environment and product.

Environmental legislation; Environment and economy, environmental and green product, product life cycle, eco- labels and declarations, environmental legislation, waste systems.

Lecture 7: Production preparation and standardization

Standardization and its role in company, types of standards and their role in a company, standardization methods and use, standards situation in Slovakia and EU.

Lecture 8: Production and process quality.

Quality management and product quality, Quality management models, standardized model and TQM model, approaches to quality managements in different countries.

Lecture 9: Legal requirements for the product

Product in legislation, types and forms of state intervention, different impacts on production and

Lecture 10: Legal product launch

Certification, conformity assessment in a company, obligatory requirements for product market launch, international cooperation in conformity assessment.

Commercial good

Lecture 11: Intellectual property right and legislative for IPR protection.

Definition and characteristics, Patents, Industrial design, Trademark, role and development,

Lecture 12: Product and Market: competition on the product market.

Product quality, different approaches, product evaluation and measurement, methods and instruments, product testing, product related information and their use in marketing

Lecture 13: Evaluation and consumer satisfaction

Quality and competitive advantage, labels, signs and certificates as proof of better quality; Voluntary and obligatory systems of conformity assessment